7 thoughts on “15th June

  1. Many happy returns Captain, happy times in Horta – Good luck with the rest of the journey may the wind be with you.
    P.S – currently looking at an intersting 1984 Peterson Hillier 46ft from Australia – its a beauty, we just need to learn to sail!!


  2. That’s such good news, happy birthday Kieran xxx Hope Tam is with you?
    We got onto the Sôane for Barney’s birthday and onto the Rhône for yours! (Each to their river…) Loads of love to all xxxx G+JL xxxx


  3. Great to know you arrived safely in Horta.
    Any chance of seeing you in Portugal? 😊
    Fair winds xx


  4. Holaaaaa familia!!!!
    Que bien!!! Ya estamos mas cerca!!!
    Con muchasssss ganas de veros y sentiros!!!abrazaros!!!! Reir y brindar por este viaje!!! Me encanta leer los relatos y reflexiones de viaje!!
    Morla y Seren han crecido mucho,tan bonitas!!!
    Un abrazo infinito para todos!!!


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