Galicia: an extended stay..

A beautiful morning to leave the Vilaine River with intentions to cross Biscay
Full mainsail dealing with a fresh breeze

The time had come to leave Brittany as the winds became (sort of) favourable to go south across the Bay of Biscay heading to either Spain or Portugal. Despite beautiful sunshine we found the wind not as hoped and with a worsening forecast the decision was made to instead anchor after 8 hours of sailing on the island of Hoedic 20 miles off the Brittany coast.

A few hours off the Brittany coast
The girls left mum and dad onboard to go exploring the sandy beaches of Hoedic before we all met up for a picnic taking shelter under Shelduck
Looking back towards Lilly with Spain 300 miles beyond

After 2 nights at Hoedic and much deliberating the decision was made to cross Biscay now and prepare for an uncomfortable crossing rather than wait at least ten days for another chance. The boat was prepared and we left in torrential rain.

Quick progress south with no Main, just a reefed Foresail (150 miles in a 24 period with this arrangement)
13 kg tuna caught on a line just as we crossed the Atlantic shelf where the depth drops from 130m to over 4,000m

After three nights the winds seemed dicey to round Cape Finistere so landfall was instead made in Cedeira on the north Galician coast.

Things starting to feel more tropical, apart from the icey water
Shelduck (bit of a poser) a world away from the muddy Estuary
Day sailing from Cedeira to Camineras
Very strong winds and huge swells meant we had over a week to enjoy Camineras and Muxia
A good day to be walking not sailing
Seren and Morla hiked the 10miles to see the Capo Vilano lighthouse on the Costa da Morte

After rounding Finisterre the weather improved and we continued to take small hops down the Galician coast. With consistent Southerly winds we have been unable to consider going further South. The benefit has been some beautiful experiences and adventures in Galicia, a region that we nearly sailed right past.

Provisioning conveniently in Muros, the first traditionally picturesque Spanish town we’d visited
Despite hours of hassle from Spanish officialdom we were permitted to anchor off the island of Salvora, a national park
With our own private harbour and beach…..
Yes the water is still too cold…time to go further south….

4 thoughts on “Galicia: an extended stay..

  1. Such beautiful adventures, the unplanned ones are always the best! I’ve tried emailing but not sure i have the right address, it’d be good to catch up xx Lily (& Squeak)


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